Title Insurance
These are just some of the hidden title risks that would not be disclosed by even the most
meticulous title search, but are covered by an Owner's policy of title insurance:

1. Forgery

2. Fraud in the execution of documents

3. Undue influence on a grantor of a deed

4. False impersonation by someone purporting to be the owner of the property

5. Incorrect representation of marital status

6. Undisclosed or missing heirs

7. Wills not properly probated

8. Misinterpretation of wills and trusts

9. Mental incompetence of a grantor in a deed

10. Transfer of title by a minor

11. Heirs born after the execution of a will

12. Incorrect legal descriptions

13. Non-delivery of deeds

14. Unsatisfied claims not shown in the public records

15. Deeds executed under expired or false power of attorney

16. Confusion due to similar or identical names

17. Erroneous reports furnished by tax officials

18. Incorrect indexing of the land records

19. Clerical errors in recording legal documents

20. Delivery of deeds after the death of the grantor
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